LogicQuad Technologies present an open intelligent communication platform that can be used to support various usage scenarios related to future internet of things. Its purpose is twofold: to support fusion of large amounts of data, irrespective of their source or structure and to provide users or devices with semantically analysed and enriched data according to their needs and context. Using the platform, users are able to access enriched data, receive warnings and notifications about events recognised by the system. We present applications for the real time access line monitoring and alarm correlation that respond to telecommunications operators’ needs in the field of proactive line measurement in enabling the helpdesk and field technical teams to pinpoint the cause of service degradations.

LogicQuad Platform is a complete M2M and IoT data integration and application development platform with infrastructure delivered as a cloud-based service. With the highest levels of scalability and security as well as powerful development tools and flexible APIs, you can quickly build and deliver custom IoT applications for the most demanding requirements and integrate M2M data into your key enterprise applications and systems.

LogicQuad Technologies has an expertise in developing scalable API for internet of things. APIs are enabling interconnectivity in places you wouldn't imagine. From kitchen appliciances to cars, the "Internet of Things" has become a reality. At a faster rate than ever before, APIs today are enabling the interconnectivity of everthing from your oven to your refridgerator to your car. They're making the "Internet of Things" a reality, and best of all, our's are light weight and optimizable, allowing the customers to harness the Internet of Things for ever more creative purpose.

LogicQuad Technologies provides solutions to manage real-time data from various sources that may be primarily of machine data, defined as all of the data generated by applications, servers, network and security devices, virtualization infrastructure, sensors, meters, and every other component of an organizations IT environment. Machine data contains an absolute and authoritative record of all the events that occurred (including user activity, transaction details, application and system behavior, network and security anomalies, and much more).

LogicQuad Technologies delivers Assembly and Handling Systems, Linear Positioning Systems Robotics Industrial Image Processing Systems Contol Systems, PLC, SCADA Sensors and Actuators Industrial PCs Communication, Networks and Field Bus Systems Embedded Systems Measuring and Test Systems Industrial Automatic Data Capturing and Identification Systems Automation Services Safety and Security Systems.

LogicQuad Technologies, in order to avert a potential avalanche of data, provides flexible filtering capabilities to manage large-scale campaigns by exception, especially important for search advertisers. Quickly hone in on high-impact campaign elements and set alerts to monitor drops and spikes in performance. Automate recurring analyses by scheduling reports for delivery via Excel / PDF or by utilizing Our Web Query to pull and refresh data directly into a pre-existing spreadsheet.


Scalable Platform

  • Magento
  • Demadware
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce

Machine To Machine Platform

  • Hissmetrics
  • Crazyegg
  • Chartbeat
  • Compete

Scalable API

  • HTML Scriping
  • Data Parsing

Realtime Data

  • Camelot
  • Cocoa
  • GTK

Industrial Automation

  • Ansible
  • Fabric
  • Salt

Analytics and Reporting

  • Client
  • Click
  • Cliff