Build a MVP in just five steps


Step One - Scratch Idea

Entrepreneurs have big, disruptive ideas of what they want, but oftentimes the initial product is too feature rich as a first iteration. Our first task is to work closely with you to conceptualize the minimum viable product (or “MVP“) so we can more clearly relay the essence of your idea.

An MVP should highlight only the core value proposition and be free of any extraneous feature distractions. Therefore we can clearly articulate the uniqueness and value of the your idea to early adopters, and further learn and adapt quickly as the feedback starts rolling in.



Step Two - Documentation

Once the MVP has been defined, we’ll collaborate on the look and feel that best reflects the brand image you want to convey. We’ll ask ostensibly goofy questions like “If your application were a celebrity, who would it be?”

Afterwards, our team will design several overarching designs that encompass the vision, to be followed up by wireframes, and then, fully designed mockups. Our designs tends to emphasize modern, minimal elegance with a touch of flair. It’s a feng shui thing.



Step Three - Architecture Design

Once we get the go ahead from you on the designs, we begin turning the idea into a real-world tangible product. We are a “full stack” development team, and routinely architect complete solutions from front-end to back-end, database design to API implementations.

We know scalability is important which is why we only employ standard, widely adopted MVC-based frameworks so the code we leave you with can be quickly picked up and maintained by any developer.

We keep you in the loop every step of the way by providing access to a custom staging environment so you can easily track our progress day-to-day. Lastly, we do the majority of the testing so you don’t have to.



Step Four - Coding and Testing

We don’t just launch your product, we also bundle it with all the essential tools required for measuring your success.

We automatically include Google Analytics to track visitor traffic, referrals, and demographics. We also frequently bundle services for gauging user feedback such as Olark for live customer support, Qualaroo for audience polling, and KissMetrics for user engagement analytics.



Step Five - Launching your MVP

After launching your product, we enter the all important “learning” phase. Product development becomes “customer development” as we evaluate early visitor statistics, conversion rates, and user feedback.

This information will paint a picture of who your “early adopters” are so you can begin engaging and gathering real-world feedback. Make the customers happy, and they’ll keep coming back! Just like kids and hot apple pie.